Bryant Stibel

A Custom Wordpress Theme that Rings all the Bells

The Challenge

Bryant Stibel was founded in 2013 to provide strategic financial and operational support to entrepreneurs and their companies, with a focus on the convergence of technology, media, and data (TMD), as well as in industries such as sports and wellness, where TMD has the potential to create massive opportunities.

The Bryant Stibel platform is unique in that it combines the creative vision of Kobe Bryant, one of the world’s most well-known and respected sports icons, with Jeff Stibel, a proven market-driven operator and entrepreneur.

Bryant Stibel was scheduled to ring the opening bell for NASDAQ and kickoff a media campaign, but the content for the site was still in development. We needed to work with their internal creative and marketing teams under a very tight, HIGHLY visible timeline, and create a solution that would be visually appealing but that would also give them ability to add, modify, and delete their own content.

The Result

Bowst recognized that the site would need to be able to handle a massive amount of traffic after the highly publicized opening at NASDAQ. In order to make sure that the site could manage the traffic levels, the site would be hosted with Pantheon. We built a custom WordPress theme and used Advanced Custom Fields that would allow Bryant Stibel’s team to create, change, or remove content at will in order to successfully meet their deadline and give them a site they could use to reflect their vision and goals.

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