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Bowst is the leader in Drupal development

Bowst is proud to be a strong and active member of the Drupal development community. We provide consulting, training, and support for our clients in the online forums as well as face-to-face at Drupal events. Our team members participate in the Seacoast Drupal User Group and we hosted a code sprint for Drupal 8.

Drupal Meetup Sponsor

For the past year we have hosted and sponsored the Seacoast Drupal User Group.

Drupal Code Sprint

In 2015, Bowst was proud to host NH DevDays 2, part of the New Hampshire Drupal Group’s series of contribution sprints for the D8 Accelerate program.

Supercharged Drupal UX

On July of 2016, we partnered with Acquia’s Preston So for the webinar Supercharging Drupal UX with React, discussing the benefits of using React ( a JavaScript library) in a decoupled Drupal environment.

Design 4 Drupal Presentation

We presented at the 2016 Design 4 Drupal conference in Boston. The presentation Mad Max Width: Responsive Images in Drupal 8 covered some of the best practices for dealing with images in today's responsive landscape.

Drupal Nights Presentation

The discussion, called Precision Theming -- Leveraging Modern Technologies for the Next Generation of Drupal Sites focused on theming and the JavaScript Renaissance; code splitting and Drupal precision asset loading; and the beneficial relationship between Drupal and ReactJS/Angular.

Custom Modules

We have created custom modules that are available to the Drupal community. Our Path File management and Google Calendar being the most popular.

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