WordPress done right

Building custom themes and plugins to solve your complex business challenges

Do you have a a few bucks and are looking to get a new website built? WordPress can be the perfect tool for that but you are at the wrong place. That is not what we do. We create custom themes and plugins for complex websites and web applications.

We want to make the right website or web application based on what you need. If WordPress is the right tool for this, we use our custom, barebones, bootstrap based theme and build from there. We also have our preferences when it comes to plugins that help with site management, SEO and other things that will help with the overall management of the site.

Performance matters

Our proven process has seen over a 30% improvement in site performance. Googles loves that and so will your customers. Speaking of your customers, we will make sure they are finding your product or service ensuring proper page structure and using the latest techniques for optimal search result placement.

I know this is what every agency says and promises, but we are different.

Where we add the most value

Website Redesign

Do you have an existing site that is not living up to your expectation? Does your current site not integrate in a way that is helping your customers or your business. We can help evaluate the situation and redesign your tired and ugly site.


Did you think it was a good idea to pay two bucks a month for hosting? Are you fighting with your current hosting provider or just not happy? Depending on your need, we can get your site moved to the right hosting platform and help you sleep better at night.


Why does maintenance have such a negative connotation when it comes to websites? We consider maintenance a way to keep things up and running smoothly and make enhancements. Sometimes we are cleaning up the code so it runs better, other times we are simply making sure core and plugins are up to date.

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