City Of Portsmouth

City Of Portsmouth Bowst Work Sample

The City Gets a Facelift

Project Overview

Our task was to redesign the website to improve the experience, with the primary goal of making it clean, simple, and mobile friendly. Working with the City Departments we were able to also craft a system that gives each of them the ability to take control of their content and the management of it.

The Challenge

  • 20+ Stakeholders that need the ability to feel cohesive but unique
  • Calendar
  • User Workflow
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Dynamic
  • ADA Compliance

Visual Design

The strategy was to create a visual system that was clean, clear, and consistent.

Navigation – always at the top of the page for all Departments, even on scroll, giving users quick access to items, and a way back to the City or Department’s homepage. (screenshot)

Multiple Color Themes – Departments have different options for color themes, which helps related information on other Departments be visible and distinct, while maintaining a consistent and intuitive structure across all the Departments. 

Photography – emphasis was placed on being able to show off Portsmouth visually through new photography taken throughout the City via hero images, image galleries, and inline photography.

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