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Are Elixir and Phoenix the right tool for my next project?

Elixir is built on Erlang’s principles of fault-tolerance, distributed computing and concurrency. It’s a powerful functional programming tool that allows us to develop applications and web based solutions that are designed for productivity, extensibility and maintainability.

Top-flight companies like WhatsApp, Lonely Planet, Moz and Pinterest are programming with Elixir, and Bowst is no exception. We’ve used it to help companies like the MBTA overcome complex application requirements and data-intensive systems.

If you’re looking to re-platform or start a new application, Elixir might just be your solution. Whether you’re looking to build a real time system dashboard, messaging application or something else, our experience will help you build it right. Reach out, pick our brains and ask questions. We’ll let you know how Elixir can be used as a solution to your problem.

When is it the right fit?


Handle more requests at once, reducing server load


Real-time, high-volume processing of of rapidly changing data


System continues to run uninterrupted when one part breaks

Easily decipherable

Well organized composable functions for easy debugging


Scale sustainably and cleanly as your data grows

Erlang Compatibility

Ability to use battle-tested Erlang libraries

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