Helping the trains run on time

Keolis Commuter Services
Commuter Rail Tracking Software
Elixir, Python, ReactJS


Bostonians hate when the commuter rail is late. When it is cold, minutes seem like hours, and no matter what you do, the clock keeps ticking forward. While commuters only see a metal box that carries them to work and back, there is a vast network of people behind it all, keeping it moving forward in all kinds of weather.


The desktop command center uses a combination of weather data, train data (GTFS), equipment GPS data, and users location data overlaid on a map to help visualize the status of crew and how the event is being managed. This is all recorded for a visual, variable speed, playback to help Keolis understand and improve their response to the event. Event tasks communication are stored and formatted in a MS Word to help further document the event.

UX Evolution


The Product Suite

We made thus fun video to talk about our work

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