Talent Management System

Custom Software, Design Evolution
Elixir, Elm, Phoenix, Postgres

Talent Management System


The Hype! Agency works with marketing firms to find, vet, and select staff for marketing events across the United States. Hype! had been using a legacy software system for almost a decade, and significant modernization was required to adapt to the new business landscape. The project included in-depth conversations with applications users to understand the challenges with the existing software, and to design a modernized system that optimizes the way Hype! manages its business using cutting edge technology.

Key Features

Key features of the system include the following:

  • Tailored visual experience for talent and activation specialist focused on getting specific tasks done efficiently
  • Talent registration and photo upload with dynamic cropping and sizing for performance
  • Native device photo upload capability
  • Talent profile management
  • Client Program Management
  • Create, manage and schedule jobs
  • Offer jobs to talent users
  • Manage talent placement workflows
  • Dynamic Emails based on job details and job status
  • Data migration utilities to help align talent with past jobs
  • Talent comments
  • Talent Photo Gallery

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