On Point Volume 13

on point

How does a goofy, wacky, fun group of dorks and programmers sitting in an office in Portsmouth New Hampshire, working, designing, and writing — stay on top of what’s new and exciting?


We’re doing this.

This Week @Bōwst

We are participating in the commuteSMARTseacoast Commuter Challenge and … well, we’re winning. Because you know what we love? Winning. And the environment. (BUT CONTESTS THOUGH.) Our blog post this week was about the challenge, and how awesome it is to be doing something that appeals to our environmentalists tendencies and competitive natures.

At BeYou., JP resumed his lessons in Drupal modules. Because you know what’s more fun than learning stuff with your friends and coworkers? That would be NOTHING.

You Say Drupal, I Say … Drupal

Super Cool Drupal Module of the Week

Check out Rules, which provides site builders and administrators with a UI to create custom automated workflows on a website — without any coding! — using reactive rules.

Word Up, Home Slice

The Slice Template Approach  is a flexible design solution for marketing pages that has been updated for Drupal 8. Improvements are:

Faster AX
Quicker image upload

We have been using this approach for some time now so it is nice to have someone put a name to the face.

There’s Good Practice, and There’s BEST Practice

And of course we would only follow the best practices for Drupal websites because that’s just who we are.

Oh What a Tangled Webinar We Weave

What does Decoupled Drupal mean for developers? Well, I could tell you. But instead I’ll let Preston So, who we met with this week, do it in this webinar.

Wake Up and Smell the JavaScript

Are Emojis Useful in Code?

Why not? They’re useful everywhere else! ? Kidding (not kidding). Seriously, though, they may have a role in coding.

Money Money Money MONEY

There is now a JS framework for incorporating Apple Play into OS X and iOS. Sweet.

Stand By for a Facial Scan …

Because the future is now, you can build a facial detection app with React Native. (It’s so very Minority Report.)

Awesomeness by Design

So Very Sketchy

A Sketch design kit for designing Facebook messenger apps? Yes please.

I’d Like to Thank the Academy

You want to see the winners of the 2016 Apple Design Awards. I have them for you. Don’t say I never got you anything.

Font and Center

Google Fonts has been revamped. You go, Google.

Go, Go, Gadget

I Think This Speaks for Itself …

In Other News

Insane in the Bacterial Membrane

In the newest issue of Weird Science (okay, not really, it was Popular Mechanics) scientists have managed to turn colonies of bacteria into teeny tiny hard drives that are ALIVE. I’ve seen horror movies — I can’t imagine a way in which THIS could go wrong.

Net Neutrality for the Win!

Of course, the broadband industry is planning on taking the case to the Supreme Court, but still. (Of course, this happened the next day so … that’s a thing.)

Game Developer Barbie Thinks Math is Awesome

And she can code, too. It’s about time, Mattel. Sheesh.

And Finally …

NOTE: This is not a real T. Rex. As one commenter online said: “You can tell by the arms”

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