On Point: Volume 23

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This Week @Bōwst

Some weeks, it’s just very obvious when a team is working incredibly hard towards common goals — this has been one of those weeks. What’s better than working with this awesome team? Nothing, that’s what!

The Drupal Connection

Upside Down … Inside Out … Round and Round

Drupal 8.2 will be more outside in — you can click anything on a page, edit it without having to nav over to the admin back end, and boom! It takes effect. It’s a topsy turvy world we live in, y’all.

Conscious Decoupling

Not just conscious decoupling, but PROGRESSIVELY decoupling in Drupal. Hey, sometimes you have to decouple.

Accessibility for You and Me

Drupal 8’s core includes integrated accessibility features, which is pretty flipping cool. Those features include:

improved contrasts
alternative texts for images
more semantics
tabbing order
tables and views
hidden elements
aural alerts
ckeditor wysiwyg accessibility

It’s Not Easy Being JavaScript

Simply the Best …

… Best practices, that is. Which, as we all know, change and evolve — is that the case for file bundling and Http/2? Find out!

In a Bind

JavaScript bind functions for everyone! Awesome!

Analyze This

If you’ve built a React Native app, you may be wondering how to obtain analytics for it. Wonder no longer, my friend!

Designin’ Right Along

Make No Mousetake

Mouse over effects in web design are a current trend. You might think that is awesome: mouse over effects are ADORABLE! You might think it’s terrible: mouse over effects are PESTS! Either way, here’s an article for your perusal.

Free … Free as a … Ummm …Thing That is Free

You wanted design freebies and I have ’em. BOOM.

Adaptation Nation

We’ve adapted to designing for different screen sizes … now we have to adapt for different modes of input. Let’s goooooo.

Do Doooo Do Do Do … Gadgets … Do Do Do Doooo

Help Me, Obi-Wan

So, Disney filed a patent to create real lightsabers. That work with drones. I’m pretty sure there’s a movie about that or something …

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall … How Far is it to the Mall?

Perseus is the world’s first smart mirror. Like Jarvis, only without the snark and … um … contained in a mirror. Whatever, it still seems awesome.

Gamers Gotta Game

But do they want to wear a smartwatch designed specifically with gamers in mind? Only way to find out is to make one!

In Other News

Hasta La Vista, Baby

Are the cyborgs coming? Some argue that the cyborgs are already here. Skynet, is that you? (Kidding… not kidding.)

This One Goes to Eleven

I could give you ten reasons to be excited about the future of technology, but instead I will bring you ELEVEN. Because I care.

OOOOH, Pretty

Know what’s lovely? Doom 3’s source code. I’m just saying.

And Finally …

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