On Point: Volume 29

on point

Just sit right back
And you’ll hear a tale
A tale of techie news,
That started from this here laptop,
And is fueled by caffeine brews.
The web’s been searched from near to far
So as not to disappoint
And bring you all these goodies
For the 29th On Point!

Drupal, Will Robinson

Drupal 8.2.0 is Out and About

Get your hands on the newest version of Drupal here, and read all about the new features, which include:

Easier to place and configure blocks on pages
Now includes content moderation
Support for date ranges
Site building, content authoring, and administrative improvements
Platform features for web services
Developer API Improvements

The More You Know

The Drupal security team has released a public service announcement. Stay safe out there.

Like Festivus, Only Completely Different

Set aside November 19th on your calendar, because that is Drupal Day! A day of 100% free, 100% online Drupal Camp activities. You should participate because online camp = an awesome place where no one will ever shortsheet your bed. Winning.

That’s the Way We Became the Programmers

Release the Angular!

Angular 2 has been unleashed upon the world. Is React scared? Is it shaking in its nonexistent shoes? Maybe … maybe not.

Copy That

Sometimes a body just wants to copy to clipboard, you know? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

So … Tired …

There’s fatigue, and then there’s the fatigue you get from being fatigued. This guy has JavaScript fatigue fatigue, which — to be honest? — was just fun to write.

To Boldly Go Where No Design Has Gone Before

Sketch 3: Now With Even More Sketchiness

Want to design icons in Sketch 3? Of course you do. You love sketchy goodness.

And the Award for Awesome Mouse Effects Goes to:

You. Because all your mouse effects are like completely mouse-nificent. Just like these.

Whatcha Thinkin’ ‘Bout?

There are ways to get good feedback from your clients regarding design. (Hint: The above question is NOT one of those ways.)

Come On, Get Gadgets

And That’s The End of That

So, since the new Galaxy Note 7s that were supposed to replace the ones that catch on fire are also, um, catching on fire? Samsung has decided to kill it. (WITH FIRE HAHAHAHA just kidding.) But since no carriers will allow the flaming phones of death on their aircraft, you have to be VERY careful as to how you return yours.

Everything Old is … Still Old

Apparently, Nintendo has a bunch of stuff just sitting in 古いストレージルーム (which is Japanese for “the old storage room”) and they decided to a) unbox it and b) play Zelda on it. As you do. Pretty 驚くばかり


I don’t need this. But oh man, do I want one.

In Other News


Ohio has early voting as an option (I wish more places had this) and if we’re to go by Twitter, things are leaning in a specific direction. Can hashtags be used to predict results? Is this reliable? Has the world gone completely mad? Am I the only one who can’t wait for this election to be over? The answer to at least a few of these questions can be found here.

Origin of Emojis

Where do those little guys even come from? And why are they so CUTE? And what’s with the pile of poop? Questions. I have them.

And Finally…

More Thoughts

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