On Point: Volume 8

on point

Volume 8? Really? Has it really been two months since we started making this list?

Yes. Yes, it has. I know, I’m shocked too.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

This Week @Bōwst

At BeYou, JP was the king of the Drupal Module development. All hail the king!

In other news, we hosted Front End Rally on Thursday for a Flexbox meet up. Thank you to everyone who helped us to make this event a success!

CommuteSMART Seacoast Challenge

Heather is our team captain for the B2B challenge. We are all about the PRIZES, y’all, and we are DETERMINED. June 13th-24th we’re going to be carpooling, walking, biking, telecommuting — and wearing costumes because let’s face it, we love costumes. For more information you can check out CommuteSmart Seacoast.

Bring On Drupal 8.1.0!

Drupal 8.1.0 has been released with new stable features, some API and developer improvements, and some experimental modules.

Stable Features

The admin/help page is now more flexible so that modules and themes can and new sections, and also now lists tours.
CKEditor now includes a language toolbar button as well as support for browsers’ (native) spell-checking.
Installation profiles can again pre-select a language or mdify the language-selection screen.
Views now provides a rendered entity field handler similar to the one provided by the Entity contributed module in Drupal 7.

API and Developer Improvements

Entity types can now specify translatable plural labels for entities.
There is now a revision log interface to improve the developer experience for revisionable entities.
ContentEntityBase now provides field definitions for key fields, which reduces the boilerplate code needed to create content entities.
There are now route providers for the entity add-page and add-form routes. These additions will allow routes to be auto-generated for entities, reducing the code needed when defining a new entity type.
Support for automated testing for JavaScript in core and on the DrupalCI testing infrastructure. ExtendDrupalFunctionalJavascriptTestsJavascriptTestBase to create a JS tend for your module.
Composer support has been improved by removing external dependencies from the core repo and letting Composer manage them instead.
Image toolkits can now be defined with plugin deriviatives, which means less repeated code is needed when extending them.
HAL web service output now includes local ID and revision fields.
Install profiles can preselect the language for more compact installation.
Migrations are now migration plugins instead of configuration entities, which makes migrations easier to define and more consistent with the other APIs in core.

Experimental Modules

Migrate, Migrate Drupal, and Migrate Drupal UI (alpha stability)
BigPipe (alpha stability)
Inline Form Errors (alpha stability)

What’s better, the CSS or Sass version of Foundation for Emails?

Zurb U has thoughts on it. Click to see.

Oh, Drupal 6, The Pipes, The Pipes are Calling …

Drupalcon is happening in New Orleans right now, so in the interest of getting down with the locals, geek-style, they had a Jazztastic funeral for Drupal 6. As you do.  In the words of Dries, “It’s no easier losing your sixth than it is losing your first five.”

So Sketch-y

I know that you were JUST asking yourself, “Self, how will Sketch’s new symbols improve my workflow?” Fortunately for you, I have the answers right here. (You ask the BEST questions, by the way.)

DrupalCon Keynote

I know, I know, we ALL wish we were partying down with the Drupal crowd in NOLA. Since we’re not, here’s the keynote for your viewing enjoyment.

Super Cool Drupal Module Alert

Ladies and Gents, step right up for the The Drupal Monolog Module, which integrates Drupal with the Monolog PHP logging library. Log away!

Accessibilty is Our Middle Name…

Okay, we don’t have a middle name. But if we did it would TOTALLY be accessibility because that’s how we roll, so we’re into this guide to making accessible web components. Inclusivity. We love it.

Meet Parsey. Parsey McParseface.

We’ve been interested in the Boaty McBoatface phenomenon since … well, since that contest set sail. As our own Marcus said just this morning: “Welcome to the future of the human race.” Whatever. He’s just being Cynical McCynicface. Or … something. At any rate, Parsey is a real, live, honest to goodness module in SyntaxNet, an open-source neural network framework that provides a foundation for Natural Language Understanding systems. Rock on, Parsey McParseface. Rock on.

Soothing Video Alert

I can’t be the only person who finds videos like this both hypnotic and incredibly satisfying … can I? (Odyssey of the Mind geeks, unite!)

And that, my friends, is that. See you next week!

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