On Point: Volume 2

on point

Welcome back! It’s April Fool’s Day, but I can promise you that nothing in this weekly roundup is a joke!

This week we bring you:

A name change. We are semi-officially calling our roundup On Point. Like everything, there is a story behind it but we don’t think the words used to explain it will help with our overall SEO and content strategy so we are going to leave it off for now. We are working on a logo for this — we should have it done for next week!

This week’s blog post was on Ghostlab and NEXT week JP is hosting a meetup that is ALSO about Ghostlab. So many ghosts. So spooky. (Okay, it’s not really spooky at all.)  If you missed it, here’s the blog post:

Read the powst


For more on the meetup, you could check with JP OR (because he’s going to be out of the office for a few days) you can go here:

Mobile Testing with Ghostlab

Thursday, Apr 7, 2016, 6:00 PM

650 Islington St Portsmouth, NH

7 Drupalists Went

After dinner and refreshments, we will learn about Ghostlab (proton pack not required).With Ghostlab, you can test any website on multiple browsers and devices simultaneously, opening up a whole new realm of QA. Not only does Ghostlab allow you to connect to your local development environment, it also keeps all instances of the webpage synced acro…

Check out this Meetup →

We spent some time on Monday discussing The Revenant. For those of us who still haven’t seen it — here’s the Honest Trailer (hey, all work and no play makes the Bōwst team very cranky!):

Front-End Style-Guides

We also found a good article on Front-End Style-Guides. (Because they’re awesome. And because they make life soooo much easier.) To quote the article: “Front-end style guides are becoming one of the most useful UX deliverables. They are especially important in Agile environments, where enabling more efficient design workflows is critical to keeping the fast pace of development. When developed rigorously, style guides promote consistent design practices and enforce developer adherence to specifications. A good front-end style guide should include responsive-design patterns and grids, code snippets for implementation, and strong guidelines for using each component.”

It’s dry, but it’s a good read. You can find it here:


Safari Technology Preview

Apple launched a browser aimed at web developers. Welcome to the world, Safari Technology Preview! The debut version, which shipped on 3/30, includes:

ECMAScript 6 — the latest version of JavaScript and, according to Apple, one of the more complete implementations thereof.

B3 JIT JavaScript Complier — optimized for speedy initial compile times and ALSO optimized compiled JavaScript for sustained performance.

Updated IndexedDB Implementation — developers were asking Apple for an improved implementation, and they got it.

Shadow DOM — this is the first browser engine to support this new version

Support for programmatic cut and copy to the clipboard

Content Security Policy Level 2

Want the whole story? Here it is:

Apple launches Safari Technology Preview, a new browser aimed at web developers

Want to get it? Download it here:



Microsoft is shipping the developer edition of the HoloLense so you too can help shape the future of holographic computing for a mere $3,000. In order to get your eager hands on the HoloLens, you have to apply and be invited to purchase. Prerequisites are:

Be a developer in the US or Canada

Be a Windows Insider

Be fluent in English (because the hardware and apps are currently English Only)

Want to apply? Go here:


Cookie Ascending Dispenser or C.A.D

You know how you’ve always wanted a cookie dispenser — like a Pez dispenser? Soon you can have one. We’re working with a company that allows you to design and build pretty much anything you can imagine. Including this (Thin Mints, you have met your match)!

Tesla 3

Finally, the world is VERY excited that Tesla introduced their Model 3 yesterday.

Above is a picture we pulled from a friend’s facebook page of the line to see this thing (lines like WHOA).

Below is a photo of the actual car. We obviously ordered ours in Bōwst Blūe:

By the way, Tesla did 7.5 billion in sales yesterday. 7.5 BILLION DOLLARS. Which, whatever, is basically a Tuesday here, amiright?


As a consolation prize for NOT doing 7.5 billion yesterday day, I bring you The Oatmeal:


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