On Point: Volume 19

on point

Oh wait, no … it was this week, and in New Hampshire.

The On Point is strong with this one.

This Week @Bōwst

The Bōwsties with the Mōwsties have been rocking it lately. What happened in the last week, you ask? WELL LET ME TELL YOU.

JP and Marcus presented at Design 4 Drupal Boston and it was outstanding!

Drew and Acquia’s Preston So hosted a webinar on decoupled Drupal that was excellent!!

AND Marcus wrote a second post on responsive images!!!

All of that right there? Is a heaping helping of awesome.

The Drupal Strikes Back

Super Cool Drupal Module of the Week: Permissions by Term

Sometimes, websites need content areas to be access-restricted, and that’s where Permissions by Term, or PbT, comes in. It restricts user access to specified nodes based on taxonomy terms, allowing certain users or user groups to view (or not, depending on your settings) specific pieces of content.

Release the …Drupal!

Drupal 8.2  will be released October 5; beta testing will begin on August 3rd. (Want to help with that? You can!)

Resistance is a Sign of Learning

At least, that’s what my favorite professor used to tell me all of the time anyway. Some people, upon beginning their journey with Drupal, are frustrated. Is learning Drupal hard? This article considers if — and why — learning Drupal can be difficult.

Revenge of the (Java)Script

Angular, Schmangular

Why one developer decided React was the way to go, as you sometimes do.

Open Source-a-me

Facebook has a new open source project. Called Create React App, it provides three tools for building React apps: Webpack, Babel, and ESLint. Create React App obtains and sets up versions of those three tools, and leaves you, Developer-Person, free to write your awesome code.

In Your Face

If you’re anything like me, you probably wake up at night, sweating and pondering life’s bigger questions. Questions such as: is there a way to use React Native to create a face recognition app?

Wonder no longer, my friend.

Return of the Design

It Was the Best of Tools, It Was the Worst of Tools

Some design tools are great. Some are … um … less great. But how do you know the good from the bad? You read this article. This is what you came for, right?

Do You Wanna Watch My Slideshow?

No, no, and no. But since some clients LOVE a slideshow, you might have to pull out all of the stops to convince them that it’s a terrible idea. Here’s how.

History Has Its Eyes on You

… and it’s looking at what you’re making in the context of the history of web layouts, which is interesting and worth a look-see of your own.

Attack of the Gadgets

I’ve Fallen, and I Can’t Get Up

RiskBand is a wearable security device — press it and your location is pinpointed and the authorities are notified that you are in peril; it also records video and audio of your situation (you know, in case it’s something more significant than simply losing your balance and suffering from an inability to right yourself). I wish we didn’t need these kinds of things, but since we do…

A Very Specific Set of Skills

Dear Apple, this is what we’d like to have on the next iPhone. MAKE IT HAPPEN. I mean, please.  (It would be awesome, though … pretty please?)

Zoom Zoom

Thing you didn’t know you should be excited about/involved in: the Raspberry Pi driverless racing championship. Start yer engines!

In Other News

Air Slurpee

7-11 delivered a Slurpee via drone. I have no idea why this is a thing, but it’s my job to bring these sorts of events to your attention, so … mission accomplished.

Pokemon… or Cholesterol Medication?

How well do you know your Pokemon? (Or, um, your meds?) Take the quiz!

They Swear It’s NOT Made of People …

Look. A Soylent vending machine! All your nutritional needs solved, as long as you ingest it rather than pouring it all over your face.

And Finally …

More Thoughts

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