On Point: Volume 14

on point

When the facts are needed in your neighborhood — who ya gonna call?


Initialize proton packs and … go.

This Week @Bōwst

We are continuing to kill it at the commuteSMARTseacoast challenge. Way to carpool, bike, telecommute, and rock it, y’all.

At BeYou., Drew conducted a learning session that covered mutable vs. immutable javascript objects and played with Javascript sorting algorithms. It was a Mutable vs. Immutable JavaScript object DEATHMATCH. (Okay, it really wasn’t, but that’s kind of fun to imagine.)

We got re-tweeted! Marcus’s blog on Responsive Design was tweeted by Acquia. This, of course, is super awesome.

D to the R to the UPAL, Yo

Super Cool Drupal Module of the Week: Workbench Moderation

Workbench Moderation enables forward revisions on content. In Drupal 7, it only worked for nodes, but in Drupal 8? Whoa, Nelly! If a content entity supports revisions and bundles? Workbench Moderation has its back!

Update This

Updates for Drupal 8.1.3 and 7.44 are released and ready for download. Want ’em? Get ’em!

2,4,6,8 … Go Ahead and Separate

Or, you know, decouple Drupal. Like, fully decouple it. But that sounds RISKY, you say. All good things in life have an element of risk, I say. And suddenly we’re having this massively philosophical conversation when I was just trying to tell you that Preston So has written a blog post about the risks and rewards of fully decoupling Drupal.

You’re a deep one, though. I’ll give you that.

Webinar Alert! Webinar Alert! Webinar Alert!

What: Lightning Distribution for Drupal: Build Advanced Authoring Experiences in Drupal 8

Where: Your computer!

When: Wednesday, June 29th, 1:00 EDT

Who: John Kennedy, Product Manager, Lightning, Acquia and Adam Balsam, Technical Lead, Acquia

How: https://www.acquia.com/resources/webinars/lightning-distribution-drupal-build-advanced-authoring-experiences-drupal-8

Set Adrift on JavaScript

What’s the Deal with the This Keyword?

Um, this.

Development. Test Driven for Excellence

Check out JavaScript TDD. What’s it do? Makes your code more awesome. Oh, do I have your attention now?

Allow me to Introduce Myself to … Myself

Self-documenting JavaScript is groovy, baby! Yeah! Here are 15 ways to write it.

Holy Crop, That’s Some Good Design

Simply Marvel-ous

Marvel for iOS is out — you can get it here.

Let’s Talk Accessibility … Let’s Talk About Text

A website is only awesome if it is accessible. Color contrast is a HUGE deal in making a site work for the visually impaired.

Talking the Talk

Apple is changing their design language for iOS10. Are you ready for this? Of course you are — you were BORN ready.

With My Mind on My Gadgets and My Gadgets on My Mind

But Headphones, Though

There have been rumors that Apple is going to ditch the headphone jack on the next iPhone. Some people think this is the WORST. IDEA. EVER. Others? Are like, eh, things evolve. What do YOU think?

Tesla Model S Turns Into a Boat and Take My Money Already

I think the headline pretty much sums it up: it’s a Tesla! It’s amphibious! I NEED IT. For, you know, all of those times I need to drive in the water and stuff. (What? That could be a thing…)

Awww, Look at the Baby! So Cute!

The future of wifi routers is here and it’s teeny and very cool.

In Other News

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Diversity in tech matters a lot. Here are some reasons as to why.

Who Ordered THIS?!?

I can’t decide which seems worse — this movie that no one asked for? Or this TRILOGY of movies no one asked for. Either way, though. Why?

Trump Ipsum is Making Your Placeholder Text — Well, It’s Great. It’s the BEST.

Go to this site. Put in the number of paragraphs you need placeholder text for and click “Make it Great Again” to have the best worst placeholder text you’ve ever seen. I mean, I’ve seen placeholder text and this is the greatest — it’s just that there’s no other placeholder text like it. It’s the greatest. It’s beautiful. You need this in your life.

And Finally…

More Thoughts

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