On Point: Volume 18

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This Week @Bōwst

It’s been a busy time at Bōwst, but it’s also been an exciting one!

At BeYou., JP and the gang continued to collaborate and share Drupal goodness.

JP is also working with Marcus; they are getting ready to present at Design 4 Drupal Boston this weekend — if you get the chance, go and check out their talk, which is titled: “Mad Max Width: Responsive Images in Drupal 8”.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we have a Lunch and Learn AND a Webinar coming up next Tuesday, July 26. Who wants to learn more about Supercharging Drupal UX with React? YOU DO. So get over here or sign up for the webinar!

Drupal in the Sky with Diamonds

Super Cool Module of the Week: Fast 404

You know what is not awesome? 404 errors. In addition to being annoying for users, they cause performance and usability issues that are very uncool. Fast 404 fixes some of that by stopping the Drupal bootstrapping process at level 1 out of 8 — it saves resources! It keeps server calls from happening! It improves performance! And that is something that actually is QUITE excellent.

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know … Revisited

Remember last week, when I told you about 24 things a CTO should know about Drupal? Well, here’s Part Three of that series for you.

This is a Test

Websites need to be accessible to individuals with disabilities per the 508 compliance standards (and other existing accessibility standards as well). But how do you test to make sure you’re meeting those standards? (Hint: there are no number two pencils involved.)

JavaScript Fields Forever

Polymer Vs React — BRING IT ON

I said Brrrr! It’s cold in here! There must be some React in the atmosphere!* (Or some Polymer.) But how to choose between them? That’s what I’m here for — to help you with these difficult decisions. (And also to make cheesy movie references.)

*Bonus points if you immediately thought of this. Just me? Okay then …

Down on Fractal Rock

Fractals are cool. Mandelbrot Fractal is an open-source fractal generator that just uses pure JavaScript. Check it out.

Sometimes Regular Expressions Just Ain’t Enough…

… and you need an alternative. So here you go.

We’ve Designed a Yellow Submarine

Color My World

Want twenty-three examples of color being used in awesome ways in ecommerce? (You don’t even have to answer that.)

Get Yer PaintCode On

PaintCode turns vector drawings into Objective-C or Swift instead of exporting them as PNG or JPEG. Now your apps will run faster AND you can keep your workflow within Sketch. Cool, right?

Access Granted

Apple’s iOS 10 is all about the accessibility. (Or at least, more about the accessibility than its previous versions, so that’s something.) Check it out here.

I have the Gadgets, coo coo Cochoo!

Sayonara, VHS

I know that I usually bring you new gadgets, but today we bid farewell to a gadget that made my childhood the source of movie trivia that it is. Ladies and Gentlemen, let us bid a final farewell to the VCR. Dear VCR, thank you for letting me watch The Legend of Billie Jean far too many times. You will be remembered fondly.

The Tidiness is Strong with This One

Lightsaber coathooks. Do you need me to think of more words, or does that do a good enough job expressing how much you need these? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Go With the (Electrical) Flow

In Other News

Game On

Girls Who Code is an amazing organization. The fact that EA Games opened their doors to them for the second year in a row, to give them a taste of working in the gaming industry? That, my friends, is simply fantastic.

Get it Together, Magikarp

Everyone who has experience with Pokemon knows that Magikarp, is … um … not super handy to have around. It’s a fish. A floppy, sad, fish with its mouth all agape. However, people playing Pokemon Go have found it in some pretty interesting places. Finally, Magikarp is at least kind of awesome.

“No, Mr Bond, I Expect You To… Have a Self-Driving Car.”

Elon Musk revealed his Master Plan and somehow didn’t utter a single “Bwah hah haaaaaah!” during it, which makes me question the title “Master Plan” but … whatever.

And Finally …

More Thoughts

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