On Point: Volume 20

on point

Summertime! Maybe you’ll hit the beach, do a little swimming … and just when you’re floating around, thinking to yourself, “This is the life,” you are confronted by a rogue…


Paddle along with me.

This Week @Bōwst

The first post in our series on accessibility went up earlier this week; it discusses why accessibility is important and the creation of standards. The next post — how to design for accessibility — should be up in a few weeks. We love a series, y’all.

The Seacoast Drupal Users Group met on Thursday to talk the Drupal talk. Awesome as always.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Get Back in the Drupal

First Rule of Content: Rethink Content

How do you manage, publish, and consume content? What should content look like? What is the future of content? This article considers these questions.

State of the Drupal

Seven — count ’em, seven — facts that show the state of Drupal.

It’s a Media Module Frenzy!

Step right up! Get yer big list of media modules here! Don’t be shy … come on over!

Let Polly Write The JavaScript

Order Up

I’ve got one heaping helping of Higher Order Components: A React Application Design Pattern ready to serve up to you! Dig in!

Check … These Broken Links! And Learn to Code Again, Learn to Code so Free!*

No one likes a broken link, y’all. Check yo’self before you wreck … the user experience.  (And also yo’self)

Sounds Violent, But Isn’t

Throttle all of the scroll events. (Don’t worry, it won’t hurt them!)

Design Drives the Boat

UX with Lox and a Schmear

How can selling bagels help you to design a more awesome user experience? Find out here.


What’s better than fifty design resources? Fifty FREE design resources. Have at it!

Don’t You Forget About Me — I’ll be Along, Designing for Memory**

Are you a user experience designer or a user memory designer? Hint: You should be both. (That’s not really a hint, now that I think about it. Oh well.)

I Think We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Gadget

Trip, Fall, Boom!

Um, don’t fall on your iPhone.

Don’t Blink

The Galaxy Note 7 will have iris recognition enabled for unlocking the main screen. It’s not like any of us already spend too much time staring at our phones. Now we’ll HAVE to in order to … unlock it so we can stare at our phones.

The REALLY Big Picture

Like the awesome 360 photos on Facebook? Want to take some, but don’t have a camera that will do it? Have some elbow grease and a lot of patience? Then you can build a 360 camera.

In Other News

Walk On … And On … And On …

You can walk FOREVER in this VR Hallway. It’s like a treadmill, except for the ways in which it is completely different.

Turn and Catch the Charmander … ChChChanges***

Pokemon Go is changing EVERYTHING (and you were there. Probably looking for Pickachu, but there nonetheless).

Creepers Not Included

A kit that uses Minecraft to teach kids to code (and which, frankly, is just super cool)? I know some people (ahem, me) who would dig this! (Get it? Minecraft? Dig? Oh… never mind.)

And Finally …

*I would like to formally apologize for that heading. I just couldn’t help myself.

**Okay, and this one too.

***Yes, and this one as well.

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