On Point: Volume 27

on point

TWENTY-SEVEN weeks of On Point, you guys. That’s … a lot of pointy-ness.

Let’s roll.


Maintain Yo’Self Before You … Um, This Doesn’t Work As Well As I Thought It Would

But hey, Drupal 8.1.10 is out and about! It’s a maintenance release and contains fixes for security vulnerabilities, and that is what Martha Stewart would totally call a good thing. If she knew what Drupal was.

Top o’ the Keynote to Yeh

Wanna see the keynote from DrupalCon Dublin? Here it is!

Aggressively Aggregating All of the Assets

Let’s all articulate ardently about asset aggregation in Drupal 8 core. Awesome.


Fantastic Elastic(search)

If you’re anything like me, you really like searching for stuff on the internet. And if you’re anything like my dad, you want to build your own search engine because doing things yourself is the way you roll. You’re old school like that. Be old school AND new school and build a search engine with Node.js and Elasticsearch.

The King’s Speech Recognition

Remember when giving a computer voice commands was a thing that only happened on Star Trek? Crazy, right? Check the SpeechRecognition API and make Siri look bad. (Just kidding, Siri! Everyone loves you, you crazy nut. Please don’t start giving me bad directions …)

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

Well, actually, if you didn’t know, you still don’t know because I haven’t told you anything yet. That actually makes that a terrible lead in… it should probably say “if you don’t know, you’re about to know, because I’m going to tell you, but I haven’t done it yet. Hang on, I’ll get there. You’re SO DEMANDING. Sheesh. Where was I … Oh, Chrome’s Developer Console does some cool stuff. Go read the article and THEN you’ll know, Mr Impatient Pants.”



No one is too big to screw something up. Sometimes the mistake is HUGE, like “causing things to burst into flames” huge. Other times it’s a mistake in UX. But the point is that everyone sometimes makes mistakes. I have several photographs of unfortunate haircuts that illustrate this more fully, but maybe you could read this and spare me the humiliation. Awesome.


Some design mistakes make us cry. Some are amazing. Some are crazy. And some transcend all of those and become what can only be described as CryinAmazaCrazy. Don’t let this happen to you.

GIT ‘Er Done

I legitimately can’t believe I’ve never made this joke before.

Anyway, here’s an article about why a UI designer should try using GIT.


From the “I Thought That Already Happened” File …

BlackBerry says it’s done making phones. Which is probably good, because we stopped buying them, like, years ago. (They’re actually going to be outsourcing production of their phones, but … see my previous statement.)

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny … Drone

Awwwww, look at the little drone that folds up to be the size of a water bottle. IT’S SO CUTE.

That’s Not How This Works At ALL

Oh Samsung. First it was phones bursting into flames. Now it’s … exploding washing machines. Your PR person is having the worst quarter EVER.

In Other News

Go Interplanetary, Young Man! (And Woman! And Otherwise Identified!)

Elon Musk has a place for one million people. On Mars. THAT commute would not be awesome.

Hotspots, Unite!

Leave it to the Googs to come up with a plan to unify all of the world’s hot spots. Kooky … or GENIUS? You decide.

(By the way, I already decided: GENIUS.)

Can’t Hack This

Somewhere there is a mystical land. A land where single socks never get eaten by dryers. Where someone has invented clothing that actually repels cat hair. Where you only have to type in one word and YouTube magically produces the exact video you were looking for. And in that land, there is unhackable code… oh wait, apparently we have that.

Well the REST, then. Somewhere, all of those other things exist. Probably.

And Finally …

*This is a 90s Aerosmith/SNL reference and if you don’t get it, please don’t tell me. I already feel old.

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