On Point: Volume 7

on point

Has it been a whole week already? Welcome back! Let’s check out this week’s highlights…

This week @Bōwst

This week’s featured blog post was all about what we’ve learned from Drupal 8, as brought to you by the fantastic JP McNeal. So many lessons, so little time!

We also took a little time out to geek out, and celebrated May the Fourth with some Frisbee Golf, a beer tasting, and dinner. May the Frolf be with you?

Are Coders Artists? This Guy Says YEP…

… and of course, we’re kind of inclined to agree.

Writing an equation to express actions within the real world or to solve problems and to string lines of code together to create an efficiency, which prior to, had not been possible… is that not poetry in motion as well?

Read the rest of the article here.

This Week In Drupal

New post from Dries about handling context “outside in”.

Weeeee are the Chaaaaaaampions!

Well, technically, Google Chrome is the champion (although, we’re pretty great, too). Chrome has surpassed Internet Explorer as the most widely-used Web Browser.

Making It Accessible

To make the web great for the visual impaired or those with a reading disability, we have to use relative units.

We’ve been having conversations about accessibility lately. This article details how fonts impact people with visual and/or reading disabilities.


Know what’s awesome? Writing code. Know what’s MORE awesome? Programs that are working to get more girls into coding, like Girls Who Code.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe … 404 File Not Found

Never ever again encounter a 404 (yes, I know that’s wishful thinking, but … nothing wrong with dreaming)! This article dicusses strategies for preventing the dreaded 404 message.

Boaty, We Hardly Knew Ye

Despite the fact that the name Boaty McBoatface got over 120,000 votes, the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council decided to name their vessel … something else entirely. However, Boaty McBoatface will live on as the name of a submersible drone on the vessel. Way to have a sense of humor, NERC.

Kalabox is Now Available in Beta

Read about it here.

And Now, For Your Viewing Enjoyment, I’m Just Going To Leave This Here:

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