On Point: Volume 6

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It’s that time again … time for On Point, your favorite place to find what’s appening in the tech world this week!(see what I did there?)

This week on Bōwst

The Drewmeister. Drewski. The Drewster. Writing the React posts. (If you didn’t read that as Rob Schneider’s The Richmeister from SNL, please go back and do so. If you don’t remember the Richmeister, AKA the Copy Guy, once upon a time SNL was super funny and also I AM OLD.)

The State of 8 (Drupal 8, That Is)

Dries Buytaert posted a great blog about how Drupal 8 is doing. Definitely worth a read!

Who’s Down with SVG? Yeah, You know me!

Scalable Vector Graphics are a great solution for optimizing images on the web. You can read more SVG, and other methods of image optimization in this article.

Canvas for iOS

The good folks at Marvel are going to make it even easier to create prototypes on the iPhone and iPad. The update will be released in May and will include stock photo/icon libraries and a pen tool with 3D touch support.

What’s On Your Mind?

This article explores the interesting ways in which Facebook is shifting, and how the company is working those shifts in order to remain relevant.

Where My Ladies At?

Paypal recently thought it would be a great idea to host a panel on gender equity in the workplace. Yes, that is an excellent idea! Way to go! Except they … um … neglected to invite any women to be on the panel.

Chop, Chop

Would you rather cut off a finger or give up the internet forever? Turns out America LOVES being online.

Gadget Inspectors

The fine folks at The Verge want us to know what’s going on with gadgets right now … bring on the electronics!  (It’s a long article but well worth the read.)

Sketch 3.7.2 is Out

New Symbols created from Artboards are now named after the Artboard, rather than being renamed to Symbol
SketchTool now dumps Symbol overrides as a dictionary instead of a string
Fixes a crash that could occur when swapping a Symbol instance in the Inspector
Fixes a crash that could occur when reverting changes
Fixes a bug where printing Artboards resulted in blank pages
Fixes a bug where Sketch would hang after choosing ‘Paste Here’, having copied a layer style
Fixes a bug where Symbol instance layer styles would not be applied to the Group created when detaching an instance from its Symbol
Fixes a bug where Symbol instances could end up detached when reordering pages

And Finally, For Your Viewing Pleasure

A cat video. Because we love cat videos.

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