On Point: Volume 34

on point

This week at Bowst

Our buddies at the Romulus and Remus Dev Agency made a reappearance this week to teach us the importance of deployment automation thanks to the efforts of Dan!


None for You!

Drupal 8 will NO LONGER include dev dependencies in release packages.

This Drupal’s on Fire…

… but not, you know, like a Galaxy Note7. No, that’s the title of Preston So’s upcoming webinar on Ember, JSON API, and Decoupled Drupal 8. The deets:

When: Wednesday, Dec 7, at 1:00 EST

How long: 60 minutes

Want to register? Click here!

Super Cool Theme of the Week: Bearskin

You have the right to Bear Forearms (but watch the claws, there, pal) and you have the right to Bearskin, a theme for Drupal 8!

Happy Birthday, Dear Drupal 8 …

Drupal 8 turned one this week. (Knuckles away a tear) They grow up so fast!


I Like To WordMove it, Move It

A little bit of Ruby awesomeness that allows you to automate WordPress web deployment. Sweet, right?

Everyone Needs Boundaries

“Boundaries” is just another word for “parameters” and those are something you should require for your JS functions. Also your personal relationships, because … well, you know what I’m talking about.

The Glass is Half Full. Probably

What is optimistic UI? How does it work? What’s the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? You can find the answers to the first two questions here. As for the unladen swallow … well, if it’s a European swallow? 11 meters per second. (You’re welcome.)


Inspect Yourself

InVision has a new design to development workflow called Inspect. You should … you know … inspect it.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Because I’m talking about best practices for mobile design, and I know you want in on that.

The Devil is in the Details…

… and this is what those details would look like if the Dark Lord designed UE. Not. Awesome.


One Phone Might Get Bigger

The iPhone 8 is rumored to be busting out with a bigger screen. How big? Um … I don’t know, but it will be bigly. A bigly screen.

Watch Out

Those quirky folks at Toms (makers of what might be the world’s most hideous shoes) are making watch bands for the Apple watch — and just like the shoes, these are a way of looking …um, fashionable?… while also being charitable, which is a win.

Go Ahead and Play With Your Food

The Fondoodler is a 3d pen. That writes with cheese. I don’t think I need to explain why you need that in your life.

In Other News

Charitable Giving Just Got Easier

Even easier than buying a Toms band for your Apple Watch. Apple Pay now supports the ability to donate to nonprofits!

Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Well this was awkward. Facebook accidentally announced the deaths of a lot of users, which is honestly probably the worst way to find out that you’ve died.

Ya Big Phony

Google and Facebook have decided that, perhaps fake news stories (unless they are from the Onion because holy funny Batman) should not be promoted aggressively enough to, um, impact an election. They’re taking steps to get rid of them.

And Finally …

More Thoughts

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