On Point: Volume 36

on point

This Week @Bōwst

There are projects that go, you know, okkkaaaaay. And then there are the projects that are just plain great. This week, we published a post on great projects and how to make them happen.

Deluxe Drupal

On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: Twig Helper Modules!

Thirteen Twig helper modules, Twelve blah blah blah, onto Drupal 8 and a partridge in a pear tree! (What? I think it has an awesome ring to it.)

Use Your Words

Some sites just have a lot of terms in them, you know? SO MANY TERMS. Let’s talk about how to replace vocabulary listings for sites with a lot of terms so you don’t run out of memory.

Autocomplete… Roll Out!

You got yer Drupal 8, yer custom callbacks, and yer #autocomplete. Implement that action, yo.

Phenomenal Programming

Back and Better than Ever

The new and improved Git 2.11.0 is out and it has some new features! But what? you ask. What could they have done to make Git even more amazing? Read and learn, my friends!

Abbreviated SHA-1 names
Performance optimizations such as delta chains, object lookups, patch IDs, and advanced filter processes
Improved the diff algorithm
Git now understands negative parent-number selectors
New credential helper that uses GNOME libsecret

… and much more! Sweet, right? You should GIT on board with Git 2.11.0!

React Vs Angular: Dawn of JavaScript

Let’s go ahead and compare React and Angular2. Which is the Superhero that Javascript needs? (We won’t involve sad Ben Affleck, though. He kind of brings me down.)

The Core(s) Awaken…

…Core development principles, that is, and it’s up to dev shops to insist on incorporating them into their work. If all else fails, you could try the Force… but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Dynamite Design

This is the Story

Your clients want their site to tell a story about their brand, which makes storytelling in design ridiculously important. Everyone loves a good story — how will you tell it?

When De-light Becomes Dis-gust

We all love things that are super cute. Like baby animals. And tiny pastries. We love them until they become SO ANNOYING! Why do baby animals poo everywhere? Why is this pastry SO SMALL? Things that were delightful can become a disaster, so proceed carefully with delightful design.

Bauhaus … in the Middle of Our Street

How has the Bauhaus movement impacted web design? This article will tell you. Hint: It’s awesome.

Grandiose Gadgets

Hey There, Hot Stuff

Is $150 too much for a mug that will keep your coffee at perfect sipping temperature for HOURS? Asking for a friend.

Spider Shoes, Spider Shoooeeessss … Doing Whatever Spider Shoes Do …

My fear and loathing of all things arachnid do NOT extend to these amazing biodegradable shoes that are made from … wait for it … synthetic spider silk. I mean, I don’t think it does. At least not until the synthetic spiders show up. (Kidding… not kidding.)

Move Over, Jeeves … Now We Have the Googs

Google home can do some pretty nifty stuff all the while looking like a harmless vase who totally hasn’t usurped your butler (or your Amazon Echo, which is its endgame).

In Other News

Iron Giant Legos? YES PLEASE!

But if you want this to be a thing (I SO want this to be a thing!) you have to vote for it. So go do that. Right now. Please? It’s so awesome!

Meal Replacements in SPAAAACCCCEEE

But not Soylent, because gastrointestinal issues + space = worst. mission. ever. See what NASA is going to be feeding our fearless space cowboys (and girls) next.

Giving Made Easier

Subscribe to Change makes charitable giving as easy as, well, subscribing to an entertainment service like Netflix. Check it out and make the world a better place!

And Finally …

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