On Point: Volume 10

on point

Well hellllllooo! Fancy meeting you here!

Let’s do this thing.

This week @Bōwst

Drew put together the third blog post in his series about ReactJS. It’s awesome. If you haven’t peeped it, you should!

BeYou., let by one of our favorite Drupalers, JP, focused on modules and themes. Way to Be …You?

(That was much more amusing in my head, I think…)

Super Cool Drupal Modules of the Week

Paragraphs and Linkit and Search API … Oh my.

Celebrity Death Match: Apple vs Google!

Okay, I’m just kidding. Check out this article that talks about how the progress of each company should stop being viewed as adversarial, because the things they introduce and the way that they play off each other actually makes everyone have a better technological experience.  See? It’s better when we all play nice-ish.

Hip, Hop, Hippy to the Hippy to the New Updated Version of PHP and You Don’t Stop

Welcome to PHP 7.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Does Karlie Kloss, supermodel and founding member of Taylor Swift’s squad, care about women in coding? Enough that she launched a program to teach young women to code. Check out Kode with Klossy.

Unfortunately being a woman-type in a tech environment — or even in social media — can be a difficult experience. A recent study just flagged Twitter’s misogyny problems. Let’s review that playing nice thing, y’all.

When Dries Buytaert Talks Drupal, People Listen…

…Or in this case they read to see what he has to say about cross channel user experiences with Drupal.

Tutorial Time!

Did you want to craft custom theme hook suggestions and templates? Oh, you DID? I totally knew it.

What’s It Like to Work in an iPhone Factory?

Because I think of my phone as another limb, I sometimes forget that someone had to MAKE it. (Also, Otterbox is offering new ways to protect it from my clumisness, which is something that I really need.)

Why IS Paragraphs So Awesome?

Watch and learn, my friends. Watch. And. Learn.

And Finally …

Why did people love Calvin & Hobbes soooo very much?

See you next week!

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