On Point: Volume 35

on point

We decided to gift the world with our … wisdom? … and offered up some advice as to how to get through the holidays without stuffing Cousin Mikey in a closet. (And no, you’re STILL not allowed to do that.)

A Side of Drupal

Core 411

In which I bring you the latest updates from the Drupal 8 core initiatives for November. Because everyone loves an update.

Dries Decrees Drupal Opportunities

What does Dries Buytaert think is a big old Drupal opportunity? Why, content and commerce, of course. Let him tell you why.

In Case You Forgot …

Preston So. Webinar. Dec 7. 1:00. (You didn’t forget, did you? Register here!)

Pass the Programming

Authentication … Authenticaaay-aaaay-tion!

Oh, how to authenticate users on your awesome React or Native app? It’s a real problem. Or IS it? This article has thoughts on the essential boilerplate for that very task.

Is That a Widget In Your Pocket?

Is there a word that’s more fun than “widget”? I think not. Anyway, here’s an article called “Update jQuery UI Widget Options” which I only typed out so I could say widget again. Widget.

Pride, Prejudice, and … HTML Xenophobia?

I’m pretty sure that WOULD have been Jane Austen’s next bestseller. I mean, it only makes sense. But since she didn’t write that, we have an article about prejudice instead. It’s practically the same thing.

Delicious Design

Practically Perfect in Every Way

Do you create wireframes? Are you a perfectionist? If your answer to both of these questions was “YES! YES I AM” than you are in luck, my friend, for I have a guide for you.

Linear Design is, Like, SO Yesterday

You can tell a story in a non-linear format. You know how I know? You’re awesome. (But in case you have doubts, this article will help.)

Say It Right

Top right corner, that is. Let’s talk about what to do with that pesky space, shall we?

Gobble Gobble Gadgets

TV … or not TV…

What’s the future of everyone’s favorite way to waste time? Hint: SUPER AMAZINGNESS, that’s what.

My Gift to You, Because I Care (Part 1)

Here’s yet another list of gift ideas for you to peruse. Gift giving is hard — let me help!

My Gift to You, Because I Care (Part 2)

I can’t imagine hating myself enough to want to go shopping on Black Friday. But in case you are one of those people who wants to go shopping at midnight, here’s a list of the best Black Friday tech deals, and may the Lord have mercy on your soul.

In Other News

We Know the Way…

…the way to get kids to code. Get Disney to launch free coding tutorials based on their new movie Moana. Oh, wait… they already did it. Woot!

The Next Idjit That Cuts You Off in Traffic in Boston Might Be … An Autonomous Car?

I just feel like there are so, so many ways for this to go wrong.

According to the Internet Rules, I Must Bring You Cats

And you know what? I’m happy to follow this rule and bring you: cosplaying cats. (Read through the comments so you can learn about Tama, the cat that is now the god of a train station … I love Japan.)

And Finally …

More Thoughts

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