On Point: Volume 11

on point

Summmmmmeeerrrrtiiiiiimmmeeeee … when the Memorial Day weekend means finding a week’s worth of awesomeness to talk about in only three days …

This (Short) Week @Bōwst

Jamie composed an outstanding post on women in code that included one of my favorite quotes (to get angry about) of all time:

“…I’ve no idea how I made it out of her office without her assuring me that if I fixed my hair and tried a little harder, I might be able to marry well.”

If you missed it, don’t worry: the story has a happy ending! If you, like us, are interested in getting more girls into code? Check out the aptly named Girls Who Code.

At BeYou., our ongoing education series, Drew was all about the JavaScript.  Later in the evening, several members of our team, having decided that more learning = more awesomeness, checked out a WordPress presentation by Amanda Giles. We’re suckers for a good presentation, as it turns out. Because …

Super Cool Drupal Module of the Week: Media Entity

Media Entity provides … wait for it … a storage component for media. (What, you thought it made sandwiches?)

All AMPed Up

AMP got some new features! But what ARE they, you ask?

If you want more information (and I know that you do!) you can go here for the full deets.

… And Then Asus Made the Cutest Robot Since BB8…

It’s named Zenbo, it’s ADORABLE (look at that FACE!), and it could be the new solution to how to help Nana if she’s fallen and can’t get up.

Everyone Loves a Library (a JavaScript Library, That Is)

Or at least everyone should, because libraries are freaking magical. Why don’t you design and build your own?

Giant Box o’ Design Tools

I guess that would make it a … toolbox? (It’s been a rough week, guys. Cut me some slack here.)

Drupal 8, Now With Even More AMP

Didja know Drupal has an AMP module? Because guess what? They totes do.

New Thing You Can’t Live Without Because of the AWESOMENESS

I can’t be the only one who wants to play Pong IRL, can I?

And while we’re speaking of Atari? They’re busily making smart home projects. Who knew? (I mean, I did. And now you do, so … yay us!)

Drupal Webinar Alert!

What: Entities 101: Understanding Data Structures in Drupal

When: Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 11 AM EDT

Where: Your Computer


Who: Ron Northcutt, Solutions Architect at Acquia

Register here!

The Decoupled Blocks Update You Didn’t Know You Needed

I only bring you the best, because I care. So here you go.

And Finally …

More Thoughts

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