On Point: Volume 17

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Welcome to — sorry, just spotted a Charizard in the office.

Carry on.

This Week @Bōwst

Drew lead another successful BeYou., where the collaboration was just as awesome as ever.

Tuesday, July 26th is just around the corner and it’s going to be outstanding. One Lunch and Learn plus one Webinar equals an excellent (and busy!) day. Check out all of the details — we’ll see you there!

A Wild Drupal Appears

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

Some questions keep me awake at night. Questions like: What is the meaning of life? Why is this election cycle so painfully crazy? What are 24 things that a CTO should absolutely know about Drupal? While I haven’t yet figured out the answer to the first two, I can help clear up that last one. Read about it here and here.

Get out the Map

How can Drupal become more API first? Dries Buytaert explains.

New Release! Drupal 7.50 is here!

You can’t get it by throwing a Pokeball at it, though. You have to download it. (Sorry!) Once you’ve caught it, so to speak, you’ll see the following changes:

New Administer fields permission added for trusted users
Protection against clickjacking enabled by default
Support for full UTF-8 is now possible on MySQL
Improved Support for recent PHP versions, including PHP 7
Improved performance (and new PHP warnings) when Drupal is trying to find a file that does not exist
Improvements to help search engines index your site’s images/CSS/JavaScript

Tales from the JavaScript

Library Love

Libraries are repositories of awesome. (They also tend to be Pokestops … not that anyone cares about that…) Here’s a JS Gesture detection library for the modern web.

Testing, 1,2, Check Check Check

Like your math teacher always said, it’s important to check your work. But is there an automated, cross browser way to test JS? Turns out … there sure is.

Ways In Which React is not at all Like Coldstone Creamery

React does not love mix-ins. (Ice cream on the other hand … so good.)

What the Hel, Vetica: Design

Isn’t that … Interesting

If you’re going to design something, it should be as interesting as possible, amiright? (That was a rhetorical question. I’m nearly ALWAYS right.) Here are ten tips for creating interesting things.

Oooooh, Pretty!

There is a plugin that converts Sketch files into VR scenes. It looks … well, amazing, actually.

Now You See It

How do you make the web more accessible for the visually impaired? ChromeLens is one way to go about it; the developer tools currently available with ChromeLens are:

Filters to experience a website as a blind or colorblind person.
Scanners to audit the accessibility readiness of a website.
Trackers to visually show the path of a tab/shift-tab navigation flow with the keyboard

Going off the Rails on the Gadget Train

Take. My. MONEY.

When I saw this new NES system, I literally squealed with joy and then texted my partner to tell him we needed one. (I don’t think he understands my undying love for Bubble Bobble.) They’ll be out in November.

Better Than Zuckerberg’s Tape

Nope 2.0 is a $5 fix that keeps hackers out of your webcam. Also, it is named NOPE, which makes me think of this:

Everything is Even MORE Awesome

Not much is better than Legos … unless they’re Brixos, which are Lego-esque blocks that you can build into robots, with motors and sensors and batteries (oh my). You should probably be extra careful not to step on these ones, though.

In Other News

Be Alert and Aware of Your Surroundings

It turns out that some significantly messed up stuff can happen while you’re trying to catch ’em all. Here’s a short roundup of wacky things that have happened while people play Pokemon Go.

Well, That Was Unexpected

I’m willing to bet that when you think of the Apollo 11 mission, you don’t think: I bet the code that they wrote to support that is hilarious. Yeah, well, you’d be wrong.

Bad Marvel! Bad!

Marvel killed off one of their oldest superheroes this week, which is making me an angry green rage monster, which is probably good because there’s suddenly a vacancy in that position. (This is worse than Hydra Cap. And yes, we ARE this dorky.)

And Finally…

More Thoughts

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