On Point: Volume 15

on point

Oh say can you see … That it’s time for On Point!

Cue the fireworks and … BOOM.

This Week @Bōwst

Jamie wrote another excellent post for our site — this time, she tackled theming in Drupal 8 — and it was tweeted by our friends at Acquia, and then RETWEETED by Drupalnation. Can you say AWESOME?

BeYou. was cancelled this week but will pick back up with JP next week. But WHY was it cancelled? So we could go to collect our commuteSMARTseacoast trophies. Bōwst came in first overall in the commuteSMARTseacoast challenge! Of course, the real winner was the environment — cutting down on fossil fuel use and carbon emissions is the ultimate goal.

Nicely done, team, and big BIG thanks to our fearless team captain, Heather!

Can’t Stop the Drupal

Super Cool Module of the Week: Lightning

“But what does it do,” you ask. Lightning Distro combines Layout, Media, Workflow, and Preview capabilities in a single distribution, giving developers a starter kit for building kickass authoring experiences.

Mo’ Better Blocks

Drupal 8 has improved blocks and added some new functionality, including:

Exporting blocks
Placing blocks in different regions
Adding fields to blocks

Wait … What Was I Doing?

Better workflow is NEVER a bad thing, and there is work being done to improve Drupal’s core workflow features. YAY!

The Name is Script … JavaScript

If You Build React Native Apps, They Will Come

Or … something like that, anyway? Say hello to Deco IDE: it’s free, open source, and available here.

All Blogged Down

Do you ever blog about JavaScript? If your answer is: YES ALL OF THE TIME! than do I have something for you — an awesome new plugin to make code snippets interactive. You know you want it. Get it.

Oooooh, Gimme

A new JS animation library that works with CSS, Individual Transforms, SVG, DOM attributes, and JS Objects? Heck yeah, I’ll take one of those.

Design of the Times

Bots, the Wave of the Future

But … how do you design them? Like this, yo.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 … 10 Design Commandments!

It’s always awesome when product designers share their best practices. Have at it.

It’s Complicated

Ask for examples of complex UI and you shall receive. (I know that you were ABOUT to ask. I’m psychic like that.)

Get Yer Gadget On

Stu-PEN-dously Awesome

This pen scans and copies the colors of objects around you and lets you color with them. The touch screen version is $109. Money well spent, I say.

Hey There Alexa

It just got a lot easier to add app functionality to Amazon’s Alexa AI — you only have to ask it. Just be aware that it’s always listening. Not at all creepy.

The Toast is Strong With This One

Take your bagels to the Dark Side with this Death Star toaster. What? You don’t enjoy the first and most important meal of the day? Your lack of breakfast disturbs me …

In Other News

Well, THAT Was Unexpected

Blackberry is still a thing. And they broke even last quarter. Who knew?

Taking Retail Therapy to a Whole New Level

So this guy walks into a shop and buys himself an animatronic head. His own animatronic head, which he can justify because science, he says. (I suddenly feel much better about all of the weird stuff I have impulse purchased …)

Why I NEED a 3D Printer, Part 374623493684


And Finally …

More Thoughts

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