We have a name!


We sort of stumbled upon it.

We were fixated on names ending with -ly or -icious when we were thrown an available URL that stopped us in our tracks. A respected colleague, witnessing our unorthodox brainstorming session, offered (in a rather cavalier manner) a list of URL’s that he happened to be in possession of. With a goading smirk he waded through the list as if each name were better than the last. Ten minutes in, BowSt.com was put forth and all the eyebrows in the room were raised in unanimous succession. After several minutes discussing a pronunciation most appropriate for our purposes it was decided: Bōwst [bohst] was born. The URL (www.bowst.com) and the terms of use agreement are still in heated negotiations. The boys at Bōwst are feeling a favorable outcome is imminent because of information privy to Bōwst that might impact the dignity of said respected colleague. More on that as events unfold.

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