Walden Behavioral Care

Maintenance and Design Evolution

Lending a Helping Hand


We’ve kept a continuing relationship with Walden Behavioral Care to help their website grow, from updating the overall look and feel of their site to improving performance and bringing page load times down so patients can get the information they need fast. By simplifying the management of their contact forms, Walden has seen an increased use in their online form submissions, helping more people take the first steps to leading a better, healthier life.

Rebuilding It Stronger

After seeing the impact we made on Walden Behavioral Care, Walden called Bowst in to help with the Walden Eating Disorders site, making more changes with the same great results; improved look and feel, faster page speed, which led to being able to provide better help to more patients. It’s been a privilege to help an organization that improves people’s lives meaningfully, especially when we can see the measurable impact we’ve had on Walden to achieve their mission of helping everyone along their road to recovery.

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