On Point: Volume 22

on point

Meanwhile, not more than two swallow’s flights away, I had discovered important information that I thought that I should share. Oh — that’s an unladen swallow’s flight away, obviously. There were more than two laden swallow’s flights away, four really, if they had the coconut on a line between them. I mean, if the birds were walking, and dragging the coconut…

Oh, pardon my digression. Welcome to On Point.

This Week @Bōwst

The Doctor of Design, aka Marcus, wrote a post in our series about accessibility.

We also updated our About page! Look at us, getting all fancy-like!

The Knights Who Say JavaScript

Just Another Day at the Factory

Can you use factory functions to compose functions, objects, and promises in JS? OF COURSE YOU CAN.

When You Just Can’t Commit

…because you’re using Husky, which awesomely prevents bad commits. WHEEEE!

Bless This Mess

Cleaning up! Here’s how you fix messy React shortcuts.

De Sign of the Grail

Like Christmas, Only Different

Sketch 3.9 is here and it lets you create fluid layouts. Can you say responsive design? Sure you can!

Space, The … Source For Some Super Awesome Designs

Sci Fi and Space themed websites are cool. Don’t believe me? Check these out.

Behold! The Scroll!

Long-scrolling websites: good or bad? Talk amongst yourselves.

She Turned Me Into A … Gadget! (I Got Better)

Masters of The Universe(al Remote)

It’s a question for the ages: What is the best universal remote? WHICH ONE HELP HELP SO MANY CHOICES! Don’t worry, I’m on it.

Obey Your Robot Elder Gods

Two words, y’all: ROBOT OCTOPUS. (Two more: android Cthulhu. Just sayin’)

My Precious!

The Onion Omega 2 is a teeny itty bitty computer that you could put in your pocket to keep safe from filthy Hobbitses (tricksy, they are) and then build a device to help you find the One Ring. Or … you know … whatever.

In Other News

More Than Meets The Eye

The original Soundwave Transformer was a cassette tape/ boombox-y deal. (It was the 80s! It was the height of technological innovation!) Now, though, the other Transformers would TOTALLY make fun of him because … really? Cassettes? Behold: Soundwave, now in tablet form.

Low Tech and Still Completely Amazing

It’s a wooden book. It’s a puzzle. It’s the hottest thing on Kickstarter. And it’s AWESOME.

Remember Ye Olde Video Arcade, Where Thou Playest All of the Games of Yore

Yeah, well, the problems you had back then were not the problems of today. Check out a comparison of gamer woes, past and present.

And Finally …

More Thoughts

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