On Point: Volume 24

on point

I’d like to discuss the On Point initiative …

This Week @Bōwst

The Weekly Drop, which is my go-to for all things Drupal, shared our own Jamie’s article about Twig and fluffy bunnies, which … can I just say? I can’t even cope with this much awesome today. Everyone here works so hard, and when someone notices and appreciates it I am super happy. YAY TEAM.

Your trusty On Point writer (your own personal Phil Coulson, if you will) is on vacation next week, so the next installment of On Point will be out on 9/16. Happy Labor Day, y’all!

Programmer, Billionaire, Philanthropist

Talkin’ Bout My JS Style Guide

Are you using a JavaScript style guide? Should you be? Let this article help you to make these complex decisions.

Query On, My Wayward Son

Get yer query string parameters with JavaScript.


No, we don’t have Dalecks, we have bugs. BUGS! And you need to get rid of those bad boys during production lest they ruin your program (and possibly all else that is good in the world).

That Man is Designing. He Thought We Wouldn’t Notice … but We Did

We Can Rebuild It … We Can Make It Stronger

You don’t just want products, you want strong products. Products that are super awesome. You need design principles. (And bionic eyes! … okay, maybe not the bionic eyes. I got carried away.)

Now Paging San Serif and Max Kerning, Party of Two

Design trend alert: big old typographic text occupying some of its own space while ALSO sharing space with another visual element.


Wait, I’m having a vision. And … yes, I think … you’re using … the rules of psychology … using the rules of psychology to make better UX design decisions … ANNNNNNND you’re bringing me a pineapple.

Don’t Touch the Gadgets

iPhoning it In

The wait is almost over — the new iPhone will be unveiled 9/7 in all of its glory. Wheeee!

“Asus!” “Bless you!”

Asus is introducing the ZenBook 3 and it’s … well … it’s very VERY Mactastic. Perfect for the three people in the world who want a Macbook but just reaaaalllllly love Windows.

“Tell Them Large Charge Sent You!”*

The new Fitbit Charge is out and people have opinions.

In Other News

The Society for Nerf-Herders In Favor of Scruffiness

Oh sure, you can quote big chunks of dialogue from Star Wars — entire scenes, in fact — but do you know the Star Wars quotes you can use in real life without people even realizing that you are being a huge fanboy? It’s true!

Postcards from the Upside Down

Stranger Things, the awesomely binge-able Netflix phenomenon, is getting a Season Two. (And are there new characters? Yes indeed!) Stock up on Eggos!

Can’t Take The Sky (or the Princess) From Me

The only thing cooler than No Man’s Sky is this No Man’s Sky/ Super Mario Bros mashup, which I need to get my hands on like whoa.

And Finally …

*and remember the Alamo!

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