On Point: Volume 28

on point

I love the smell of On Point in the morning.

This Week @Bōwst

Heather and Jamie introduced us to Bōwst Boilerpl8 in a delightful post. I’m sure you saw it, because you’re all kinds of attentive, but if you missed it? You can see it here. Acquia tweeted about it as well … and The Weekly Drop is interested in it. Go team!

It’s a Drupal Planet

Just Say No

Sometimes, Drupal is the answer. Other times? Not so much. Life. It’s like that.

You Will be Assimilated

What is Drupal’s collective purpose? Dries Buytaert has thoughts on this (and probably on the Borg too, but he doesn’t mention them directly).

Where Are My Themes At?

This guy wants to know why there is a dearth of new themes for Drupal 8 … and THIS guy says he has answers. There’s nothing as awesome as a civil exchange of opinions, is there?

Programs Matter

Surely You Jest

… I never jest, especially about testing React Components. And don’t call me Shirley.

H E Double Hockey Sticks

No one wants to go to callback hell. (Or really, any kind of hell, I’m thinking. I mean, if it were fun, would it be called hell? NO. NO IT WOULD NOT.) So here’s how to avoid it.

Luke, I am Your … React Tutor

This is basically just for your reading entertainment … React Props/State Explained through Star Wars.

Design Science

The Handwriting is on the Web

People LOOOOOOOOOVE handwriting fonts and think they’re awesome.

Born Free … Free as, um, a Design Resource

Your free design resources for October. Boom.

Icon See What You Did There

What if you are irresistibly drawn to terrible icon choices? WHAT DO YOU DO? You read this article, that’s what you do. You can thank me later.

Particle Accelerators and other Gadgets

New Toys! Whee!

Google (aka the Googs) gets crazy with new hardware, and some of it looks pretty sweet.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s … Probably Samsung

So now the phones Samsung sent out to replace the phones that were catching on fire? Are, uh, catching on fire. No bueno, Samsung.

High-Faultin’ Tailgatin’

You know what makes tailgating — or any outdoor cookout situation — even better? FANCY GADGETS. Gadgets make everything better.

In Other News

This AI’s On Fire

Samsung is buying their new AI helper from the same company that created Siri. (I think they should name it Sparky …)

QumwI’ Bag je’…

… is Klingon for “Buy this messenger bag”. Don’t ARGUE. Just do it, because it’s awesome.

And Finally …

More Thoughts

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