On Point: Volume 32

on point

“We the People of Bōwst, in Order to write more perfect Code, establish JavaScript, insure excellent Design, provide for the common knowledge of new and amazing Gadgets, promote the general Knowledge, and secure the Blessings of Awesomeness to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this …

On Point.”

This Week @Bowst

I don’t know if you’ve checked out our Work section lately, but … you should. Because the Doctor of Design, Marcus, updated it and it looks great.

Drupal for the People

Totally Authentic

How does authentication work for decoupled Drupal? Is there some kind of process where people register and then have to show a photo ID? Is there authentication FRAUD? Get all your authentication know how here.

Showing off Suite Moves

So you’ve downloaded the Display Suite module. Excellent. Wanna use it to make some suite (hehhehheh) customized content pages? Of course you do. Just as much as you want me to stop with the puns, probably.

Pants and Pokemon — A Drupal Podcast

Sometimes — not often, but sometimes — the headline something comes with is much better than anything I could write. Such is the case with this podcast.

Polling the Programmers

Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits

Sometimes I just get this crazy urge to truncate multi-line text to fit within an html element based on a set max height. I know, right? Thank goodness there’s a JavaScript plugin for that, or I’d be in big trouble.

I am so Cloudinary

Take your Image Upload Relationship out of It’s Complicated by using Cloudinary. (Also? You know that status BEGS for drama, right? Stop that.)

Frankie Says React…

… and he also says that if you’re going to add Google Analytics to your React application, there are steps you should follow. Oh, that Frankie. So awesome.

Designing for Democracy

Freedom for America! Freedom for …Design!

I got 50 design resources and you don’t have to pay for 1.

Why’d You Have to Go and Make Things so Complicated?

Some things SHOULD be complicated. For example, the test that you should have to pass in order to be in charge of nuclear weapons. That should be complicated. Other things don’t have to be complicated. Like carousels. See? It’s not hard to tell the difference.

You’re the Best

… at image management. (And if you’re not the best? This article will teach you how to be.)

Getting out the Gadgets

Furby 2016: Return to Furby Hell

Someone got my stepson a Furby for Christmas a couple of years ago and the robotic imp was quickly banished to a dark closet where it continued to try to summon some sort of demonic animatronic overlord. If THIS one shows up at the house I plan to kill it with fire.

Going Out in a Blaze of Glory

It’s hard to let go of true love, even when you’ve been burned. Even when the possibility of ACTUALLY getting burned is so high that your love has been recalled and discontinued because your true love stubbornly insists on literally exploding. And yet, some people just can’t … let … go… of the Galaxy Note7. (Possibly because their true love has become fused to their flesh? We may never know …)

The MacBook Pro Giveth, and The MacBook Pro Taketh Away

Is the new MacBook awesome? Find out here.

In Other News

Aliens. Siiiiigh.  Sometimes they are the reasons for otherwise inexplicable things, like some of our political candidates; other times you need to invent a big old bunch of them for a movie.

Stranger Things

PSYCH! Not talking about the show — talking about Dr Strange, which opens in theaters TODAY. Want to read a review before you shell out your hard earned cash? Click here. Hardcore Marvel fan who will see it no matter what? Carry on, my friend.

Bad RoboKitty. BAD.

Not as annoying (or as filled with pure, unadulterated evil)as a Furby, but still … I’m gonna say no to the robotic cat, thanks.*

And Finally …

Please vote on November 8th. Do it for …  well, if you can’t think of a reason, there’s always these guys:

*Yes, you could argue that it’s a gadget of some kind … You wouldn’t be wrong, necessarily, but … why do you have to break my stride like that?

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