On Point: Volume 30

on point

We’re newsy, we’re nosey
I sometimes get a little prosy
It’s time for another On Point
Come and join the fun.

And now our song is done!

DarkWing Drupal

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a … Podcast!

Specifically, it’s Brian Charlson’s key note speech from NEDCamp. Listen up, y’all!

I’m Too Sexy for this Content

It’s hard work being a content model, especially in Drupal 8. The constant pressure to be perfect, all of the content types you have to take into account … siiiiigh. Life’s tough when you’re this awesome, you know?

By the Power of Greyskull …

Okay, maybe you don’t have THAT much power. But you do have the power to help steer the future of Drupal 8. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Or something like that.


Yarn Never Going to Believe This

What do you need to know about Yarn? Quick answer: stuff and things! As always, I’ve brought you what you need to know… because I care.

Node.js Goes … Raw!

Like sushi, only … totally unlike sushi. A little Node.js in raw mode. With keystrokes! DELICIOUS.


Sometimes you realize you’ve settled into your ways, and that’s just no good. You need a change. You need a new scene. You need … to replace jQuery’s Ready () with plain JavaScript. Hey, whatever floats your boat. You do you.

DesignTales — Woo Hoo

Coming in for a Landing … Page

Know what’s better than conversions? LOTS OF CONVERSIONS. Like, oh-so-many conversions. You know you want ’em. Here’s how to get ’em.

Master of Disaster

Unfortunately, there have been many needs for disaster response in the last several years. (Equally unfortunately, this year’s election cycle might be one of those instances.) What can we learn about UX from disaster response? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

Just Say No

How come so much of the web is just unreadable? BAD DESIGN. It’s a thing. Just say no, kids.

Gadget Troop

Anticipaaaation … Antici -pa -aaaa- tion! Keepin’ Me Waaaaaaaaiiitin’

The NES Classic will be out on November 11. You may ask yourself: “Self, wouldn’t the responsible thing to do be to PREORDER one of these glorious game systems? I MUST HAVE ONE AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE THE PRINCESS ISN’T GOING TO RESCUE HERSELF.” But then you’d discover that (as of this morning), preordering wasn’t a thing and become super bitter and angry because you KNOW the demand is going to exceed the supply and it’s going to be February before you get your hands on one and NINTENDO WHY MUST YOU BE SO CRUEL.

It’s not just me, right?

Super Awesome Work Things

Sorry, I’m still all verklempt about the NES Classic so… Read this and talk amongst yourselves.

This Here Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us

It’s a shootout … a SMARTPHONE CAMERA SHOOTOUT. Which actually might be the least dramatic showdown the OK Corral has ever seen but … hey, we do what we can. Cue the tumbleweeds.

In Other News

Crazy Halloween Shenanigans

I must confess that there is no way in HELL I would go to this because I would drop dead from terror. Despite that? This sounds really awesome.

This … Is … IRON MAN! And You Have an Appointment at 11, Sir.

When the Zuck says he wants his own personal JARVIS, who steps up to voice it? Robert Downey Jr, that’s who. Pretty sure that is proof that Zuck is living his best life.

Do Not Waste Your Shot

Hear ye, hear ye, fellow theatre nerds! Hamilton’s America premieres on PBS TODAY.

And Finally …

More Thoughts

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