Great Hill Partners

A custom Wordpress site for a great partner About text formats

The Challenge

Great Hill Partners is an investment firm that wanted to tell their story and focus on their successful portfolio without relying on a lot of heavy, boring text.  How do we get potential investors involved with their site and create a dynamic, interactive, and interesting experience?

The Result

<p>The completed site was custom built in WordPress, using an advanced custom fields plug-in. Building the site this way allowed for interconnectivity of data, and let us thread together a customer experience that isn’t stuffy or dull.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Because the site is SO content driven, we took the opportunity to work with&nbsp;<a href=””>GatherContent</a>, which we had been raring to do! The content team was able to get the legal approvals needed to tell the Great Hill Partners story, and populating the site became easier and more streamlined as a result.</p>

<p>This was also one of the first sites we built that we were able to test by using&nbsp;<a href=””>Ghostlab</a>, our internal device testing lab, so it looks great on your laptop, your iPad, or your Android device — no matter what you use!</p>

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